Monday, 11 February 2013


What a busy weekend this has been! I drove to Sunderland to visit family and took my chance to hit the North Easts shops! I didn't have lots to spend, because pay day isn't for a while and I'm STILL recovering from all the Christmas spending, but I had some essentials which I could no longer survive without! 

First stop was Debenhams, where I headed straight to the amazing Clinique counter and bought anti-blemish clarifying lotion (200ml) for £17 and anti-blemish cleansing foam (125ml) for £14.  The two items are my skincare necessities, I'm not spotty but I get the odd blemish and I find that this Clinique duo really keeps these at bay.  I use them both morning and night, first the facial wash then the clarifying lotion which is is used like a toner on cotton wool.

Anyway, Since I bought two products I was given this cute clinique tin full of goodies for FREE!  The set contained a full size lipstick in a natural glossy pink, a full size 'all about eyes' cream (worth £24!!) and tester sized liquid facial soap, mascara, eye shadow quad and UV sun damage corrector.  I was amazed how good this deal!

Then it was on to one of my favourite shops for a bargain...Primark! I ended up getting a loose white letter print blouse £12 (pictured) and maroon leather leggings in the sale for £7. I've not put a  picture of the leggings on because they look absolutely absurd on the hanger but I swear they are so nice on!  That's once you've fought like a maniac to get them on, but hey, that the nature of the leathery beast!  I'm definitely going to wear both items on Friday for valentines celebrations with the BF.  So I promise ill put picture up then!

Aside from shopping, I've also been working on my Kitsch-Kouture jewellery.  Over the weekend I got several new pieces in, one of which is the sweet wish bone necklace (£3.50).  All new pieces will be going on-line tomorrow. 

So that was my weekend, but now it's Sunday BOO!  However, on the plus side this week we can look forward to Pancake day on Tuesday YUMMY and Valentines day on Thursday so its not all bad! 

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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