Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Whoever invented Pancake day is an absolute genius! I've been making lots of jewellery today so was really looking forward to some yummy pancakes with sugar and lemon this evening! Perhaps I shouldn't have eaten five considering I'm meant to be on a diet, but what the hell, its only once a year!

I was off work today, so I decided to do a bit of shopping.  I really fancy getting ombre hair again but don't have the funds at the moment so I decided to buy the L'oreal DIY ombre kit for £6 from boots.  I'm going to do it on Thursday night so I shall definitely do a review post on here!  I also bought Barry M's new 'Gelly - High shine' Nail polish in 'satsuma' (£3, Superdrug) so I'll be doing a review on that too.

I love the pieces that I made today and I think that they are perfect accessories to any Spring/Summer 2013 outfit.  

I hope you like the new pieces, to purchase any of my pieces click here

I'm really getting into blogging now and would love to follow others, so if you leave me a comment ill definitely check out your blog! 

Night Night.

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