Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Ok so I have never done this before but I think its time to take the plunge...and blog!  I've always avoided this because I'm literally like any other 20 something graduate who hasn't yet stumbled into their perfect job and just wants to have fun and NEVER get old! What age is old these days anyway? Oh god, I have a feeling that if your worried about getting old, it means... your getting old!  

I adore fashion, shopping and have recently started my own jewellery line called 'Kitsch-Kouture' which I love! I've shared the link below if you want to have a look. (Like me on Facebook at 'Kitsch-Kouture' to get 10% off) OK no more plugging!  I want to be able to come on here and write about what is going on in my bizarre life, I tend to do things on implulse so ill be sharing all that madness. 

As a female, I'm continuously in search of the perfect beauty regime. This usually leads me to the hair and beauty section of any and every department store, so I'll be talking about my trials and tribulations with a myriad of beauty products.  Will this quest for that 'perfectly put together human' look ever be successful...find out here!

Anyway I think all this snow and cabin fever has prompted me to start this! I actually love the snow though (minus the fear of being pelted by snowballs!) 

Heres some of my snow day pics... 

I actually fell flat on my face after this picture was taken! #clumsy

Snow at the beach! #loveWSM

I hope to start following other blogs because I love discovering up and coming trends!  I literally get obsessed with certain items, heres a few I absolutely cant get enough of...

  • anything leather (gimp suits excluded)
  • pearl bracelets*, necklaces & embelished collars
  • spikes and studs on everything from shoes to collars to handbag
  • blouses buttoned up (geek chic) 
  • faux fur jackets, hats, collars
  • Cross jewellery (rocks up any outfit)*
  • stacked macrame bracelets in every colour*
  • essentially anything that is worn on Made in Chelsea 
* My jewellery at ASOS Marketplace features some of this stuff so check it out on the link below

Full disclosure: I find it so bizarre that I'm writing this for someone else to read even though it may never be seen! Oh well off it goes into the big blog word...