Monday, 29 April 2013


Happy Monday everybody! I worked a lot over the weekend so I was lucky enough to have the day off today! I decided to do a bit of shopping and just have a general wander as it was such a lovely day! I wore this cream blouse which I got in the Primark sale (£5) a few months ago and light grey blazer also from Primark (£22).  I threw on my jeans which I wear 99% of the time (new look £11).  I decided to showcase these cute leopard print pumps which I bought recently in the sale at Treds (£6.99 Bargain!!) I love a bit of leopard print with a simple outfit, its so timeless. 

I'm currently attempting to pack my suitcase as I'm flying to Edinburgh on Thursday and I can't wait to see my Parents and my friends who I haven't seen in ages! I hate when your trying to pack and you know you've got loads of clothes but you can't think of any outfits?! I'm going to have to start writing lists, I'm so disorganised! Anyway I'm too excited to care...only 3 more sleeps!!

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