About me...

I always find it difficult to write these things because I find myself sitting for ages thinking of something exciting to say about myself!  Truth is, I am just a normal 23 year old who started this blog on a whim because I love reading blogs and I wanted to get in on the action.

I was born and raised in Edinburgh where I got my love for shopping and small boutiques on cobbled streets.  I then moved to Newcastle to be a crazy student where I got my love for fish bowls full of cocktails and Primark hauls!  Now I've graduated and I've recently moved just outside Bristol to be with my lovely BF and I'm loving living close to the beach and having a nice glass of wine on a Friday night!  I haven't quite hung up my party shoes though as I still LOVE a night out with the girls!

I have a job related to my degree (Psychology & Criminology) but I've recently started making and selling my own 'Kitsch-Kouture' jewellery on ASOS Marketplace! I really enjoy it because I am an absolute accessories freak, so it's lovely to make and wear my own personal favourites!  Click here to check out my pieces on ASOS Marketplace!

I hope you like my little blog, please subscribe! I'm always on the hunt for new blogs so leave a link and I will ALWAYS check it out! 

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