Saturday, 16 February 2013


Aldo shoes £32
Primark blouse £12
Leather leggings H&M £7.99
Sequin Jacket Ebay £35
Handbag Primark £3
Spike Necklace Kitsch-Kouture (click here) £4.90

So, this is my first 'OOTD' post! This is what I wore last night for drinks with the BF.  You can see the results of my DIY L'oreal ombre kit which I did yesterday afternoon.  It was actually much easier than I thought and I'm so pleased with the results considering I used to pay loads to get this done in the hairdressers! I would definitely recommend it as it was a bargain at only £6, get it here.

I'm not going to lie, I do not feel on top form today! I have been in bed most of the day actually, I think I took the Valentine's celebrations a little too far on the vodka front.  Ah well, its the weekend!  Speaking of vodka,I got a rather strong 40% bottle as an extra little present from the BF.  But this is not ordinary vodka, it's called 'Pinky' and its actually pink! It says its botanical vodka, whatever that means, and its infused with violets, rose petals and ten other botanical s! Its all very fancy and such a cute bottle, check it out....

Don't be fooled by the cute packaging though, as this vodka packs a punch.  Hence why I am so fragile today!  I'm going to have a nice cosy night on the couch watching films...Bliss.

Hope you are having a fabulous (and less hungover) weekend!