Thursday, 24 January 2013


It is nearly Friday and I am especially happy because my Best friend is coming to stay this weekend! Can't wait to...
  1. Showcase my new black leather shorts
  2. have lots of drinkies
  3. go shopping
  4. Go to ZaZa Bazaar (the BEST restaurant in Bristol)
  5. go to the pier and have an ice cream sundae
lots of pictures will follow I'm sure!

Oh gosh aside from that there has been my disastrous diet and gym hell! Why oh why is January such a long and disgusting month, all I've seemed to have done is wonder whether eating so much in December was really worth it and if being a red faced sweaty goon at the gym will ever work! I even bought a exercise bike (mainly because it was on sale in Tesco) to try to spur on my 'new healthy way of life' but so far it has simply been my  'new clothes hanger' oops! note to self: Must try harder! Creme Eggs are not your friend!

So I've been making more jewellery today involving Turquoise crosses and some cute beads I got last weekend.  I'm really loving making little cute bracelets which you can wear on their own or stack up to create a rockier, edgier look! I also love mixing soft pearl classic styles with hard metal studs and spikes! Here's some snippets of my stuff...

Can't wait to add more to this collection and I really hope people like what I'm selling! If you want to check it out the link is below...

I have a super early morning picking my friend up from the airport and ill be updating throughout the weekend whilst I'm having fun and most importantly, neglecting the gym!

Happy weekend!