Tuesday, 9 April 2013

OOTD 009.

Blouse:  H&M £12.99
Shorts:  H&M £12.99
Boots:  New Look £11

Sorry I've been so AWOL in the last few weeks.  Very bad blogger, slap on the wrists!  I've had the best weekend ever because I was visited by my lovely best friend from University, Kathy!!  I hadn't had a girls night out in a while, considering I'm now shacked up with the BF, so we decided to push the boat out and go a little bit mental! Hope you enjoy the pics, they are not my usual OOTD style but then again I haven't been on tequila in my usual OOTD's so there you go!

Still slightly respectable for a Friday night!
I went for full on 'night out' make-up as I was wearing the brighter than bright leopard print shirt I thought it would go perfectly with my Mac pink 'Nicki Minaj' lipstick (£13) paired with crazy long false eyelashes which I buy in bulk on Ebay (absolute bargain)

 I wanted my hair to have a kind of 60's beehive style but I think I'm a bit rubbish at back combing but I quite like the messy look so I was quite happy trying something different from my usual wavy style!
Here she is the one and only party starter...Kathy!
My delightful friend Kathy (aka Dave) wore a floral brocade style Topshop dress paired with an H&M denim jacket and freaking amazing studded chelsea boots (very jealous) from Office!  Doesn't she have the best hair with not an extension in sight, I have a great deal of hair envy!!

Besties out on the town!



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  2. Those shorts are awesome!!

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