Monday, 11 March 2013

OOTD Sunday

  Jacket:  £7 Primark
T-shirt:  £3 Primark
Skater Skirt:  £5 New Look
Stud Boots: £10 Primark

Total outfit:  £25 (what a BARGAIN!)

Hello! I'm so sad that yet another weekend is over! This was my outfit from yesterday, and I'm wearing all my sale bargains! I absolutely loved this outfit but I was freezing and supposedly it will snow over the next few days which is very upsetting! I really want winter to go away now, I'm so sick of my winter jackets and thick scarfs!!
I'm now counting down the days until my birthday which is on Thursday, I can't wait to eat cake and go on a big Birthday shopping spree! This is the first Birthday that I'm living with my boyfriend so I hope he pulls something exciting out the bag! Poor man, I have very high expectations!  

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful gown my dear <3 very nice article! kisses from France!
    Do not hesitate to go to my blog and give me your opinion on my looks <3